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Q: Does Chiropractic work for all kinds of health issues?

A: Chiropractic is about re-establishing the proper function of the joints, freeing up the nervous system, and decreasing soft tissue problems. By doing this, it indirectly affects many health issues. Please look at chiropractic research chart.


Q: What is an adjustment?

A: An adjustment is when a trained chiropractor uses his/her hands or instrument to reestablish proper function of a joint.


Q: Can I adjust myself?
Not really, when performing an adjustment, the doctor selects a specific joint to work on. He/she has to decide the proper angle to thrust and also if torque is needed.

Are there any negative side effects to chiropractic adjustments?
A: Rarely.


Q: What should I expect from my first visit?
A: A thorough exam, x-rays, and treatment. Overall it will take roughly 2 hours.


Q: What should be expected to happen at each visit following my initial visit?
A: Whole body vibration, percussion, adjustment, stretching, exercises, and electric muscle stimulation.

How long will it take to notice results?
This varies greatly. Everyone is different. Some people feel changes in the first couple of visits while others can take a couple of months. Chiropractic takes time.

Is it safe for my child to see a chiropractor?
A: Yes, Dr. Nicaud has seen many children, including his own, as soon as right after birth. Adjusting techniques are modified for children.

Is it safe for the elderly to see a chiropractor?
Yes, the adjusting is done with an instrument, or when performed by hand is softer.

Can I see a chiropractor while I'm pregnant?
A: Yes, chiropractors will modify their hand adjusting or use instruments to make it more comfortable for the expecting mother.

Can I still see the chiropractor after having surgery?
Yes, how soon after the surgery depends on the type of surgery and when your doctor feels you are ready for chiropractic care. When asking a MD, it is important that the MD understand the chiropractors treatment techniques.


Q: Can I still see the chiropractor if I have scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.?
A: Yes, in fact, the symptoms from most health issues tend to improve when the joints and nerves are able to function optimally.


Q: Do I need a referral/permission from my medical doctor to see a chiropractor?
No, chiropractors are direct access doctors. Just call and make an appointment.

Will the chiropractor prescribe any medications?
No, chiropractors focus on natural treatments by using adjustments, stretching, exercise and supplements.

Will insurance cover my chiropractic care?
A: Usually yes. Contact our office and we will verify your benefits for you.


Q: What type of education does a chiropractor have to complete?
A: The education of a chiropractor and a MD are very similar. Lots of sciences and science labs. The main difference are the chiropractor spends more time learning Radiology while MD’s learn about different drugs. In the clinical setting, the chiropractor fine tunes their adjusting and therapy skills, while MD’s do hospital rounds and learn about medications and surgery.