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"Dr. Nicky has truly helped in more ways than just realignments. The fact is that I had been on reflux medication for 10+ years, started seeing him and I feel the best I ever have and went down from 5+ meds to 1. Our children see him as well - all we can say is we are so glad he's here to help!"

-Ryan S., Patient


"I cant say enough great things about Dr. Nicky and his staff. They go above and beyond to help with any concerns you may have. Dr. Nicky really does work wonders. I was skeptical at first, as it was my first time seeing a chiropractor, but now I wouldn't see anyone else."

- Kelli S., Patient

"I've been a patient of Dr. Nicky's for 18 years and wouldn't go to anyone else. I've been in serious pain to absolutely no pain threw the years!"

-Diane H., Patient

"when I failed to respond to other methods of treatment, I turned to Dr. Nicaud for help. I have experienced much relief from his professional and competent care."

-Miare B., Patient

" I highly recommend Dr. Nicaud as an exceptional professional who exhibits both technical competence and compassion for his patients. In September I injured my knee in a volleyball game. After initial treatment by an emergency room doctor and follow-up treatment by an orthopedic surgeon, I was still taking medicine and walking with the aid of crutches. Dr. Nicaud started treating me in November and continued through May of the following year. In November, a year after I began treatment, I was able to compete in, and complete, The Corporate Cup Race in Baton Rouge (3.1 miles). I could not have done this without Dr. Nicky's treatment and assistance."

-Joes O., Patient

"When I first went to go see Dr. Nicaud I was experiencing neck pain and mid to low back pain as well as intestinal problems that were so bad my medical doctor was planning exploratory surgery. After about six weeks of seeing Dr. Nicaud my intestinal problems were completely gone as was my back pain."

-Gina B., Patient

"I have had a history of lower back pain for many years and have seen chiropractors off and on during these many years. I finally got tired of going for these painful adjustments and getting only temporary relief. Last fall my back was causing me a great deal of discomfort and very reluctantly I went to go see Dr. Nicaud. After some discussion, Dr. Nicaud strongly urged I Come three times a week for a month. To my surprise after this one month program the adjustments were no longer painful; the bones were going back into place effortlessly; my posture was improved that I no longer had to concentrate on sitting and standing straight. other benefits have been a lung problem  that has cleared up, my breathing has improved, and my slight problem of incontinence has dissipated.  I have progressed far more through the chiropractic care of Dr. nicaud in the past three months than I have with all other care I had received through others."  

-Minsy A., Patient

"When I heard about Ascent Medical and Chiropractic, I didn't expect too much but I thought id try. I'm happy to say 'It worked'!"

-CR, Patient

"i was having pain in my right leg and could hardly walk. My doctor gave me some pain pills and referred me ot a neurosurgeon. I was told I had to wait three weeks for my appointment. I was in such constant pain and felt that I could not wait that long. in the meantime I consulted Dr. Nicaud, who is a chiropractor. he was willing to see me anytime, even on Saturday and Sunday. As a result of seeing Dr. Nicaud my leg is fine now and I have been working again. I was also able to avoid surgery"

-Lillian M., Patient

"As a new and first time patient who has never been to, or treated by a Chiropractor, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive at first. At my first visit he took X-Rays and examined me. Each day he took the time to explain the changes that were taking place and why I felt sore at times. I must say that after three weeks of treatment and adjustments the injuries I had sustained as a firefighter and my overall health has improved. my posture is better, my sinus problems have all but disappeared and I feel like I have more energy. I wish I had gone to him sooner, because I feel that he has solved many other little problems I didn't know that I had."

-Joseph J. A., Patient

"Dr. Nicky and his staff apply a "can do" team approach to treatment. By applications of various treatment Methodologies these folks were helping me to feel better from the very first appointment."

-J.P., Patient

"Dr. Nicaud's staff is exceptional. Everyone is so nice. I get the feeling its not just a job but a chance to really help their patients recover as soon as possible. My treatments have helped me so much and my whole body is benefitting. I'm beginning to really feel good again!"

-Margaret L., Patient

"i feel that doctor Nicky has performed a miracle on me! since I have been under doctor Nicky's care, I have not experienced one single case of bronchitis in the past three years (something was suffering from 3-4 times a year prior to seeing him)! I have never felt healthier!"

-J.S., Patient

"After two years of unsuccessful attempts at removing the pain for the injured areas I had, I made an appointment with Dr. Nicky. the amount of relief in four months has been phenomenal. Over all health has improved considerably. the pain has almost completely dissipated. Great, friendly staff make the visits pleasurable."

-A.C., Patient

"To the ones that are searching for help, I can tell you that a chiropractor may be the answer for you. My own medical doctor and I feel that the chiropractor has a place in helping people. In my opinion there are many of reasons that I would like to recommend Nicky Nicaud Jr. to become your chiropractor.  1) top of his class, 2) his kind, gentleness, and concern for his patients, 3)his making time to explain and answer questions about my problems, 4)Manner in which he treated me as a patient, very thorough in all that he did, 5) the most important one of the qualifications that is above the others I feel, is his ability to communicate with me and his other patients. If you are searching for a chiropractor in your area, I would without any hesitation recommend Nicky Nicaud Jr. to you. You cant find a better one in your town. He will not only be your chiropractor, but also a friend"

-carol M., Patient

"i started coming to see Dr. Nicaud 3 months ago and through his treatment and the Lumbar Decompression table he has in his office my back is better now than it has been for quite some time. I am free of pain and am doing all the things I used to enjoy, including dancing. I am still coming to Dr. Nicaud to keep myself in great shape."

-M.C., Patient

"Upon arrival to Dr, Nicky's office my sister and I were greeted by a very competent and caring staff who immediately processed the required initial paperwork, thereby enabling me to begin chiropractic care. I experienced relief in a very short period of time. I have the utmost respect and trust in Dr. Nicky. he not only relieved my pain, he afforded me the opportunity, through one of his many community programs, to be able to seek his professional help. he is indeed a very caring and dedicated chiropractor whose major concern was not focused on adjustments, but rather is focused on the general well being of his patients."

-M.G., Patient

"Dr. Nicaud has done wonders for me. my headaches are gone. I am taking a supplement to help heal my body. I felt a difference in a few days after the adjustments and taking the supplements. No! it is not all in my head! it is my health that I am going to heal and recover."

-S.A., Patient

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